Individual Therapy

Asking for help might be the hardest and most rewarding thing you ever do for yourself!

Many Muslims often hear, “just get closer to god or become more religious and your problems will go away.” Unfortunately, it is not that easy and it is the combination of spiritual practices and psychological insights that will help one live a happier life.
Psychological insight must be done with a licensed practitioner to ensure that one is getting the help needed. If you have navigated to this page and are thinking about getting some support and guidance to resolve your concerns, give yourself the gift of
individual therapy.

Negative thoughts, second guessing one’s self, anger, and anxiety are some of the things that disrupt one’s ability to live each day to the fullest. Individual therapy will teach you how to manage your negative thoughts and gain insights about any other issues that you are experiencing and holding you back from the life you dream of.

Premarital Counseling

Why wait until you are married with a mountain of problems before seek counseling?

There is actually a science to being in a relationship. Couples need education more than therapy. Research shows that couples who engage in premarital counseling are 33% less likely to get divorced than couples who do not. Our premarital counseling
approach stems from world renown research in successful and happy relationships. Contact us today and book an appointment to speak with one of our licensed therapists to gain priceless tools and knowledge that will help you build and sustain the relationship you have always dreamed of.

Marital Therapy

Why do couples fight?

Couples fight because they want to feel safe and connected. Unfortunately, many people in relationships do things unintentionally that makes his or her partner feel unloved or uncared for. Overtime these small things begin to add up and couples become more and more disconnected. However, the good news is that people can learn how to be in a relationship and build loving connection for a happier marriage or partnership.

From the time we are born we are taught how to read and write, how to add and subtract, how to walk, how to eat, how to dress, how to drive...but we are never taught, how to be in a relationship?

Couples therapy can be a life changing experience for you and your partner. During couple’s therapy, a detailed assessment of your issues is conducted, which helps define a treatment plan. Sakina Center’s therapists are trained in world renowned relationship therapies that have helped save thousands and thousands of marriages. We are confident that you and your partner will gain tools to begin healing the pain by learning how to decode and understand your arguments. In addition, couples will learn how to increase friendship and love between each other, as well as learn how to define a relationship of shared meaning that reduces resentment and increases love. Take the first step and book an appointment to meet with one of our relationship experts.

Group Therapy

What is group therapy?

Group therapy is usually comprised of 6-8 individuals who meet with a licensed therapist to openly discuss his or her issues. Group therapy has many benefits over individual therapy. For instance, many people report that it helps to know that others are also experiencing difficulty and feel enriched by the social support of others. It is common to find other group members who are experiencing with similar issues that you may have, such as depression, anxiety, anger issues, or even addiction. The group
environment provides a safe space for greater personal experimentation and exploration of one’s issues.

Spiritual Counseling

Sakina Center aims to serve the Muslim community in the greater Houston area. As a result, all our therapists are comfortable with discussing or integrating Islamic principles during therapy sessions. The therapist and client can openly discuss how one’s faith informs his or her actions and help the client assess if there is any incongruence. Or a therapist may help someone figure out how to use his or her faith to better inform decisions and actions for total congruence that leads internal peace and happiness. The client can dictate how little or how much one wants to integrate his or spirituality or Islamic principles during the therapeutic relationship.

Grief Counseling

The saying “time heals all wounds” is actually not true. People need to learn to process their sadness or grief when unfortunate things happen, such as losing a loved one or a divorce. Not allowing one’s self to process or feel sadness, pain, or hurt when something happens like losing a loved one, only delays the healing process. At Sakina Center we have professional and experienced therapists who are ready to help you understand and process whatever you are grieving.

The stages of grief include shock, denial, anger, bargaining, sadness, and acceptance. These stages do not happen in a linear process and one may or may not experience all these stages. Thus, an experienced therapist can help you navigate each of these stages and help you understand yourself better during whatever grief stage you are at.


Are you sad or depressed? What’s the difference?

Research shows that one in five people are depressed. Depression can often occur after a major life change, such as relationship break-up, death of a loved one, career change or loss, etc. Or the symptoms of depression may surface because one is unhappy at work, in a relationship, or some other life situation.

Depression is more than having a bad day or feeling down because you didn’t do well on your exam or you are fighting with your spouse. Depression is when you experience symptoms of helplessness or hopelessness for several days at a time. Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you feel tired and unmotivated to do anything?
  • Have you lost any interest in doing any activities or things that you use to do?
  • Do you worry or have a lot of negative thoughts about your life?
  • Do you feel hopeless and like things will never get better?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please contact Sakina Center and book an appointment with an experienced therapist who can help you live a happier life. Depression is different for each person and we will work with you to help you gain more insight about what has you feeling down and how you can pick yourself back up.


Is anxiety controlling your life?

At Sakina Center, many of our licensed therapists can help you understand your anxiety and the thoughts, fears, and worries that may be fueling it. When a person experiences anxiety, he or she feels powerless and worried that bad things may happen. Talking to a professional who can help you is the best way to deal with anxiety. A qualified therapist will ensure to provide you safe and supportive space to process challenging emotions or thoughts that are hijacking you from the life you deserve.

  • Do you have a hard time falling asleep or sleeping?
  • Do you notice that your mind is constantly racing? you often find your mind racing?
  • Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about things to do the next day?
  • Do you find yourself thinking over and over about something that happened or that was
    said to you?
  • Do you fear social situations?
  • Have you experienced shortness of breath or increase of heart palpations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please contact Sakina Center and book an appointment with an experienced therapist who can help you understand your anxiety and provide you with the tools to control your anxiety.


Our high caliber team of therapists are educated, experienced, friendly and very professional. We want to work with you to increase awareness of mental health issues both in the Muslim and non-Muslim community. We especially want to lift the veil and stigma on mental health problems within the Muslim community, so children and adults can live happier and more fulfilling lives.

Please contact us if you need information, a regular writer, or even just a quote for your publication. We would also be happy to interview for a radio or television show to inspire, to heal, and to provide hope for so many.