Verily, Allah will not change the condition of a people as long as they do not change their state themselves” (Quran, 13:11)

What is the process of therapy at Sakina Center?

4 Easy Steps

1. Call or Email Sakina Center

When you are ready to seek help or gain further knowledge for better mental health and wellbeing, Sakina Center is ready to be a trusted partner in your healing journey. Simply call or email Sakina center to schedule an appointment at Sakina Center for your initial assessment. No matter where you are on your path to change, our goal is help you feel grounded, empowered, self-aware and strong enough to live a life you love.

2. Initial Assessment

Visit Sakina Center for your scheduled assessment, which will be done with one of our interns or licensed professionals. Most people are often unable to clearly state what is their issue he or she is seeking help for. Thus, the initial assessment will help us ensure we understand the issue you are seeking help for and recommend the therapist best suited to meet with you.

3. Meet Licensed Therapist

A scheduled appointment will be made with the licensed therapist that can best help you. Therapy can be an intimidating process and it is important that one feel comfortable and safe with whoever he or she is meeting with. Sakina Center therapists are all volunteers, thus, we are confident that you will find our therapists some of the most compassionate and caring individuals you have ever worked with.

4. Help, Hope, Healing

Once you begin your journey at Sakina Center, you will have set the wheels in motion for help, hope, and healing. The journey to growth and happiness takes lots of small steps and continuous effort. We look forward to working with you to help you live a more enriching and fulfilling life.